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My name is Tom Lennett and I was so concerned about my daughters fear of maths that I invented and developed a numbers game to help her overcome this fear

Numenko - a name that stands for helping children with their number skills.

So what can it do for you?

It lets you reintroduce your child into the fun of numbers, helps you rebuild their confidence in their own number skills, and ultimately remove the dislike and fear of maths.

It also lets you play a game with your children as a family, either with the board game version when they get more confident, or with the bag game version where everyone has an equal chance of winning regardless of their number skills.

The bag game is also useful for introducing pre-schoolers into learning about numbers.

The introduction of the Multichoice gives the game the ability to be played at all levels and children like the flexibility it gives them in making their own decisions on how to play the game.

This is what Numenko does. It takes you back to playing simple arithmetic, making sums, seeing who can get the biggest answers, perhaps getting more confident and trying to create more complicated calculations.

Arithmetic is uncomplicated and if they are taught it correctly and actually understand it in their early years everything after that is a doddle.

It is a proven fact that children who are comfortable with their number skills at an early age go on to do much better with maths in later years

Numenko is the game you, and your kids, can count on.

We are supporting three Cancer Charities via "Women V Cancer Cycle Challenges" A women only cycle ride across 400 Kms through Cuba in October of this year. Use the Code CUBA and you will receive FREE UK P & P as a Thank You and £4.00 per board game and £2.00 per bag game will be donated to

Numenko Board Game

Numenko Board Game

"I found this game very entertaining and very educational for my children. It is ideal to teach children their sums."

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Numenko Bag Game


"Great family game. The portability and simple rules make it a great choice for family fun at home or on the go."

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